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Gym Memberships

Memberships are non-refundable & non-transferable

Getting started at BodyFix Gym:

You will be taken through a one on one session where you will be taken through a workout and given a programme designed for you so that you can get your membership off to a great start.

You are then free to come in and do your programme whenever you like.  To get the best results try and make it in 3 times a week.  It is a good idea to have a day off in between resistance (weights) workouts to give your body time to build muscle and recover.

 You will find that depending on your level of current fitness and experience you will need your programme reassesed to make sure you don't plateau.




12 Months** $12 Wkly DD ($624) $10 Wkly DD ($520)
6 Months** $13 Wkly DD ($338) $11 Wkly DD ($286)
3 Months** $14.61 Wkly DD ($190) $12.30 Wkly DD ($160)
No Fixed Term Weekly  AP** $15.00 $13.00    
Casual Gym Session* $15.00 $13.00  
Ten Trip Concession Card* $110.00 $90.00
(*Office hours only)

**Weekly DD and A/Ps First payment 2 weeks in advance and $45 Admin Fee


Access Card:                                $10

Programme Reassesment:          $60

Personal Training:                        $40 Half hour,  $60 One hour