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Welcome to BodyFix Gym                                                                                                 

Starting the 28th August our office hours are changing:

Due to the very quiet nature of the gym between 1pm and 3pm week days the gym will be unmanned and going to swipe card access at these times. If you usually come to the gym at theses times and don't have a swipe card please come in and talk to one of the staff and we can sort it out.

If you are wanting to have a look around and discuss joining options in the times we are unmanned please email us and we can arrange a time to meet with you.

The gym where everyone knows your name!

BodyFix Gym is your local gym where you can feel comfortable being yourself.  With a focus on the individual and their health and well being, BodyFix Gym has a fitness solution for everyone. Whether it be for health reasons, injury/operation recovery, toning and shaping up, or to improve sports performance, we can help you achieve your goals.

 Please stop in at the gym to meet with Abigail and Steve and see what we can do to help you!.                                        

Opening Hours

Swipe card access 5am-10pm daily                                                                             
Office hours
Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm, 3pm-7.30pm
Friday 9am-1pm, 3pm-5pm
Saturday 9am-12pm

1pm-3pm week days by appointment only please email to arrange.



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